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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy here are the stories we're following for you. >> it has been a farce because anyone who believes that bashar al-assad is going to willingly transition out of power is obviously -- it's just crazy. >> senator john mccain weighs in on those shaky peace talks. reports of concessions to protesters in ukraine, and a very volatile day in egypt, more
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than a dozen deaths from comings and clashes. ♪ talks aimed attending syria's civil war may be in jeopardy. government and opposition negotiators were supposed to hold their first face-to-face meeting today. it never happened. nick schifrin has been covering this conference, he joins us live from geneva with more on where things stand now. and nick, i know there have been developments in the last few minutes. >> reporter: yeah, just in the last few seconds. what we're seeing right now is the special representative of the unite nationed who is doing what the un likes to call proximity talks between bashar al-assad representatives here in
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geneva and in a separate room, opposition forces who represent the rebels on the ground. and we just heard him say the two sides will meet on saturday. that is a bit of a break through after today we went back and forth for many hours, the pro assad represents accusing the opposition of walking away from a meeting that the two sides were supposed to have, and then we saw the opposition people come out behind me and accuse bashar al-assad and his representatives of reneging on their promises to come to this conference which meant there was going to be a transitional government that everyone would agree on, so at this point, after all of that back and forth, he has just announced the two sides will meet on saturday, and that's what the u.s. have been hoping for, simply to start a peace process, start something that may not produce anything
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lasting or anything really long term on the ground but just to start something after almost three years of war that has killed 130,000 people, even getting the two sides in the same room is a bit of a break lou. >> okay. nick schifrin with late-breaking developments out of geneva, announcing that the two sides will meet tomorrow. nick schifrin thank you. as the two sides played dim mattic chess, the fighting in syria continues, and new video shows a baby girl being rescued from the rebel after a rocket attack. ten people died in that shelling on wednesday. you can see her being brought out of the rebel. half of those people killed on wednesday were children. and al jazeera has been able to verify the video, however, we don't know who is behind the attack. syrian families face more challenges than bombs though. even though who have fled. >> reporter: life here is anything but easy. it's actually very tough here a
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large number of very destitute and vulnerable refugees live. this is one of the larger informal refugee camps that the refugees have set up themselves. it houses about 3,000 people, and the people here say that they feel very neglected. they tell me that it has been several months since an aid oringation has come here to provide them with aid. they need basic necessities, things as basic as diapers are not provided here along with clean water. i'm going to show you one of the tents. this woman came here seven months ago, most of the refugees who live here are from her region, and she has a son who is detained. she knows nothing about him, he is in syria, and she wishes she
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could find out where her son is. i asked her about her expectations of the geneva conference, whether she had high hopes for it. and she told me she didn't even know it was happening until i brought it up. and she said, she doesn't expect anything because if it's happening and if it's to discuss the future of syria, and a possible transitional government it comes too little too late. other people we spoke to about the geneva conference told us that it's a bunch of lies. they don't expect any break through. they don't think there is going to be a ceasefire. people here are more concerned about trying to meet their daily needs, food, water, warmth and heat, it's very cold here in the winter, people just simply don't have high expectations of the conference, and most of the people here just want to go back home, but they don't think a conference, or the first time
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you get the syrian opposition and the syrian government to sit down together and talk is going to be able to achieve such a huge outcomes and security to allow them to return to their country and their homes. >> the human face of the syrian civil war. explosions and clashes in egypt have left at least 19 people dead, there have been four explosions today. the deadliest one was a car bomb targeting police headquarters in the capitol cairo. at least five were killed and there is fighting between protesters and the security. the attacks become almost three years ago to the day when the egypt you know revolution began. our producers and correspondent have been detained in cairo for 27 days. and on thursday night, they had their detention extended by an extra 15 days.
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they are accused of spreading lies harmful to state security and joining a terrorist group. allegations al jazeera says are completely unfounded. senator john mccain repeated his call for the al jazeera journal list to be released. mccain sat down with jonah hull. >> i think it's a clear violation, not only of their human rights but of any aspect of freedom of the press. al jazeera has been chronicing events in egypt probably more intensively than any other world network, and for the egyptian government to keep them in prison, i think, is another indicator that this military government and really that's what it is is, is not keeping with the standards of international behavior that we
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would expect. >> and yet this is a government that talks of democracy and elections. what would your message be if you could send one directly to the government about locking up journalists in terms of freedom of the press? what would your message be? >> my message to the egyptian government, and i know these people is and has been if you want to be part of the community of nations and have our cooperation and assistance, then you cannot engage in practices such as the arbitrary imprisonment of members of the media. >> reporter: let me bring up first of all the topic of the day, the syria talks taking place not far away from here -- >> uh-huh. >> reporter: in a questionable state at the moment. what is your view of how those talks are going? and is it the right approach to solving the problem in syria? >> well, as i long predicted they are a farce because anyone who believes that bashar
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al-assad is going to willingly transition out of power is obviously -- it's just crazy. it's an exercise in foolishness, and one of the worst aspects is that bashar al-assad can now say, well, i went to a peace conference, but he is not going to agree to transsis out of power. that's obvious. and that's what the original intention of geneva was. now it's going from this thing of iran being in or out from farce to low comedy. >> what is the solution? >> we need to assist the free syrian army. they are having to fight the radical isis as well as bashar al-assad, but they are still a very viable force, and the reason why they haven't been more viable is because we haven't given them the assistance that they need.
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and thank god for the saudis and some other gulf states that have been of some assistance. i think you can establish a humanitarian zone where it is protected by say, patriot missiles, where the resistance can be fed, be trained and receive assistance that they need. 11,000 citizens have been chronicled of their torture and death, and if you go to a refugee camp, defectors from the army will tell you, they are told to rape and torture. it should have surprised no one that this documentation came out. meanwhile he sit by and watch it happen. when the president of united states reversed his position on syria, we lost enormous credibility throughout the region and the world. >> what about iran, their
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president was here himself, clearly a hand of friendship. do you buy it? >> well, i was fascinated that in an interview on sunday he said that there would not be a single centrifuge that would be shut down. that's not what we had in mind when we began these negotiations, and the right to enrich is not needed if all they want is this nuclear power and peaceful purposes, so if they insist on the right to enrich then i think it's a phony deal. >> do you trust him? >> i don't trust him. he bragged about how he had deceived the negotiators in the past when he was a negotiator. i don't trust him, but i'm willing to give this period of six months of negotiations a chance. >> reporter: will the world be a
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better place with an iran that is welcomed into the international community and economy? >> sure, but you have got to remember that it isn't just nuclear weapons. they are spreading terror throughout the middle east. they have a plot to kill the audi ambassador in washington. they are slaughtering syrians with the revolutionary guard, so the problem with this administration is he look at it through a telescope when the fact is that there is all kind of iranian behavior which is a very harmful to the entire region. in ukraine the president has extended an olive branch. he has just announced he will reform government during an emergency parliamentary session next week. this comes as protesters spread beyond the capitol to eight other cities. they have broken into and are
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occupying several governmental buildings. jennifer glasse reports from kiev. jennifer this is an interesting development. we didn't know what the parliamentary session was going to reveal. how much reform can beexpect from presidentian yanukovych? >> that's a great question. there is a lot of mistrust with the president, and they were unhappy that the parliament session has to wait until tuesday. they don't understand why the president couldn't recall parliament immediately. and they would like to see repeal of these draconian laws that restrict demonstrations such as the one behind me, the media internet use and also civil society. that is something the opposition would like to see parliament get rid of. there is a lot of doubt,
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however. the parliament is very much on the president's side. they have voted and basically pushed through anything he wants, so there is a lot of mistrust that perhaps president yanukovych, despite the olive branch say he will be reforming the next tuesday, he may just be vying for time. >> we can hear the protesters continuing to go on behind you. jennifer glasse reporting from kiev. thanks, jennifer. a day after controversial comments by mike huckabee, the republican party looks to reach out to women at its winter meeting. every day, someone leaves their home searching for a better life. >> two hours in, we come upon a body. >> now, in a breakthrough television event, al jazeera america takes you beyond the debate. experience first hand the tragic
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journey of these migrants. >> a lot of people don't have a clue what goes on until you live near the boarder. >> six strangers with different points of view... >> i don't believe in borders. >> our government is allowing an invasion. >> ...get to experience illegal immigration, up close and personal. >> its very overwhelming to see this many people that have perished. >> a lot of families that don't know where their babies went. >> i want to make sure that her life, its remembered. >> what happens when lost lives are relived. >> the only way to find out is to see it yourselves. >> on borderland. only on al jazeera america. >> any of you guys want to come to the united states? states. researchers say air pollution from the factories made its way across the pat iffic, into california and arizona. the u.s. national academy of science says it makes up a quarter of air pollution.
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the pollution is a reminder that our demand for cheep imports has a boomerang effect. >> chinese factories are churning out the latest technology, sending it to our shores, along with something less desirable pollution. >> you see the pictures of people in budget with maths on. you don't think about what comes across an o. >> steven co-authored a study finding that emissions from chinese plants manufacturing exported goods have been found in the republican national committee continues its winter meetings in washington on the agenda charting a course for political victory in 2016.
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they heard from the national committee chair calling on the party to refocus. lisa has been following the meetings. lisa the rnc chair issued some marching orders today, i understand. what were they? >> reporter: well, stephanie after the last election, the leadership said the party really had to embrace all types of voters, and that's what the party chairman, reince priebus said today as well, he said the g.o.p. needs to continue to get out of its comfort zone and reach out to new voters. >> we're getting to know communities where we hadn't been for a long time. and talking to people who hadn't heard from us for far too long. that's how you grow a party. >> reporter: he also made clear that the republicans are prepared to take on the democrats on the issue poverty and income in allty, he said the republicans are for fairness and
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equal opportunity. stephanie? >> lisa, the party is also turning its focus to women. what does the g.o.p. hope to gain? >> reporter: well it was clear that the republicans know they have to get more female voters. they lost badly in both last presidential elections, female voters going for the democrats way over the republicans, but the problem is many people here were wondering whether mike huckabee's comments at this meeting yesterday may have set back the effort. >> if the democrats want to insult the women of america by making them believe that they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproduction without the help of the government, then so be it, let us take that discussion all
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over america, because women across america need to stand up and say enough of that nonsense. >> the democrats are calling these comments offensive, and the chairman did say in his speech today that there has to be a conscious effort to watch tone and choice of words when we communicate our policies. so a little bit of a mixed message, but of course, they are hoping that the real message is they want to include everyone in their tent, women, and minorities and that the republicans have a vision for that. >> i think those comments can be taken both ways in defense or of fence of women. i wonder if chris christie and his scandals have been talked about at all among republicans there. christie is obviously not there, but a star of the g.o.p. >> reporter: well, he was at the
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last meeting that they held over the summer, and in fact he was the star, the rock star at that meeting. he wasn't expected at this meeting. the consensus here i think is that folks have to wait and see what happens as time goes on; that we don't know the full extent of the potential scanned, and if it's true that it looks like christie was not directly tied to the closing of the bridge lanes, then folks here think he can weather it. and the chairman of the rnc has said that he thinks christie should say the head of the republican governors association. so he got some support at least from that corridor. >> all right. lisa thank you. ♪ on wall street, more selling, a lot of selling in
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fact. stocks losing ground again. worries over corporate earnings and a selloff of currency, rattling traders. the dow is down almost 200 points at this hour. jamie diamond is getting a raise. the bank's board has voted to increase his pay for 2013. it would reverse a pay cut in 2012 when he made $11.5 million. this comes despite the bank paying out some $20 billion in legal settlements. ali velshi is in davos, switzerland. ali good day to you. what message is jpmorgan trying to send with this raise? >> it depends on who you are sending the message to. it is clearly not to the rest of the world who would find it quite tone deaf at this point.
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in most places if you or i oversaw a company that cost its company $20 billion of fines in a year, we would be shown the door. but that is not how it works on wall street. he is a rock star on wall street. he is very popular. he is the face of modern banking. he is the survivor from the days of the financial crisis. he is a rock star on wall street because the media made him one. most americans couldn't name the ceos of most banks, but the media latches on to people like jamie diamond. he is very, very popular. he didn't want a bailout, but his bank was okay. he runs a very, very strong bank. he has worked his way up the
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banking industry very well, but has had some missteps on his watch. the board clearly doesn't think it's jamie dimon's fault, it's unclear whether everybody shares that view, because that $20 billion in fines and settlements didn't come of jamie diamond's pockets, it came out of the pockets of shareholders. by the way if you have a 401k or something that invests broodly, you are probably a shareholder. but wall street is a little tone deaf. >> i have met him, and you are right he is a likable guy. meanwhile the stock is up, is d diemon's raise, a signal that they haven't been hurt.
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some would say they are not so much crackdowns? >> well, i guess that sort of speaks to the whole too big to fail thing, if you can pay out $20 billion in fines and settlements, and still be a very healthy bank, i guess that is it. others might say you got us out of that. we're kind of through most of this. and under jamie diamond's solid leadership, we have gotten through this. he is directly at odds with the views of most americans who are polled on the issue, while many americans don't wanti end less
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government involvement in their lives they do want regulation over the banks. so this is the by fur indication in america of the haves and have nots. he is a hero of the haves, and is be rewarded for it today. >> good way to put it. we'll be right back.
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♪ welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. here are today's headlines. talks aimed attending -- excuse me, we're going to actually take a look at the big board first. the dow falling by almost 200 points, as investors seek safety and pull out of some emerging markets. talks aimed at ending syria's war are still on. both sides have agreed to a
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face-to-face meeting tomorrow. on the eve of the anniversary of the mow barack uprising, violence in egypt. a series of bombings and clashes have left at least 19 people dead. and the health ministry says 13 people have died in clashes. in ukraine the president has just announced he will reform government next week. this comes as anti-government demonstrations spread beyond the capital to eight other cities. ♪ well it is a slippery commute out there, right across portions of new new orleans this afternoon. temperatures are below freezing, so if you are traveling you want to use caution out there today. we had ice and snow across parts
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of texas earlier in the day. this is the picture right now, looking at roadway conditions, multiple accidents out there because of the ice and snow, temperatures still below freezing in houston. you still need to take it easy out there. look at the temperatures, 30 degrees in dallas, only at 28, further north the pattern hasn't changed. out of canada, is our latest alberta clipper. and much snow falling right now across portions of wisconsin, down into illinois where later in the day we could see anywhere from one to three inches of snow back towards pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and d.c. i think you will be spared this time around. >> they are were accept vated for 60 years, and now they are finally back together side by side. it's the first time the pair has been seen together in decades.
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van go painted them in 1888 as a house gift for fellow artist. together they are worth nearly $200 million. thanks for watching al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. "the stream" is next. and you can check us out throughout the day at


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